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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The (W)Rap: Week 3

Another week of NFL frivolity is past, so it's time for this week's (w)rap. I went 10-6 this week, which is way better than last week's 8-8. At this pace I'll be perfect by week 6. I'd like to whine about Sebastian Janikowski missing three field goals or the Packers fumbling on their end-of-the-game scoring drive, but I also realize the Saints missing a extra-point distance field goal was pretty lucky, so maybe it all comes out even.

What did we learn from week 3, besides the fact that I watch way more football when I have the stomach flu and have to lay on the couch all day and night? Here's some highlights...
  1. Two teams I haven't been buying, the Jets and the Bears, are better than I thought. I'm still not anointing them for the Super Bowl or anything, but their performances thus far have to count for something. There's not shame in losing to the Ravens (unless you talked trash about being the greatest team in the universe the whole off season...oh wait, the Jets did that) and the Bears beating the Pack was impressive. So here's to two teams I can't really stand, Here, Here!
  2. The Chargers, Redskins, and Texans have issues. I've been putting the Texans at #1 in the power rankings, and I'm not backing off them as a Super Bowl contender, but they just got beat down this weekend. Most worrisome was the inability of the offense to make anything happen. Their defense isn't good enough for the offense to be average. I picked the Chargers loss to the Seahawks because I'm just not sure about the Chargers. They need Vincent Jackson and the first half mindset change. The Redskins should be better on paper, but they look crappy.
  3. The Cowboys and Vikings still have a lot to prove. The Cowboys win was way better than the Vikings, but the Texans didn't have a good showing, so neither has necessarily righted the proverbial ship.
  4. Ryan or I could play quarterback for the Cardinals. How in the world did Derek Anderson ever have a good year? If he showed up for a pickup game this weekend I think he'd go last. I know they only have rookies on the roster behind him, but the Cardinals should consider making a move because they're going absolutely nowhere unless they do.
  5. The Broncos, Bills, and Seahawks are better than you'd think. Let's face it, neither of these teams is likely to make the playoffs, but I like them each to catch a couple teams sleeping and pull some upsets. The Seahawks already got one this weekend.

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