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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Week 2 NFL Power Rankings

This week we have double the info to base wild guestimations on compared to last week. So let's get after it.

5. New Orleans Saints/Miami Dolphins
It's the first tie of the year. I just couldn't decide. If these two teams played right now I think they might tie. Losing Reggie Bush is a loss the Saints will feel, but it's not going to knock them out of the playoffs or anything crazy. The Dolphins have tons of potential and will get better as the year goes along like a $4 bottle of wine. Their goal line stand against the Vikes was nicely done.

4. Indianapolis Colts
I'm not sure if they were good or the Giants were bad on Monday night. Probably more of the latter, but still, the Colts just win 12 games or more every year which means they're only losing three more the rest of the year.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers
If you can lose your starting quarterback and the backup and still go 2-0 you deserve some props. Their defense has been off the chain and if they keep that up when Big Ben returns this won't be their highest stop on this list. With Ben out I thought 2-2 would be good for them but they have a legit shot to go 4-0 now. Plus, who doesn't love them some Charlie Batch?!

2. Green Bay Packers
They thumped the Bills, who cares? The main reason they're number two this week is that they haven't shown any signs they don't deserve it. This week will be interesting against the Bears, but I think the Packers are the more legit 2-0 team. Aaron Rogers has yet to really lay it on us, but he will in time.

1. Houston Texans
#1 two weeks in a row, that's a record! Of course, last week one week in a row was a record to since this blog just started. I think the Skins are good this year and the Texans showed some grit to hang in there and win a close one on the road. They also showed why I spent so much money on Andre Johnson in my fantasy draft. The Texans are ready to roll over the Boys this week and make it three in a row.

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