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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Today the sports world is a-flutter with discussing Reggie Bush rescinding his Heisman trophy.  I'm sure you're familiar but the two views are basically as follows...

Yay - Bush and his family accepted some stuff they shouldn't have.  This made Bush an ineligible player.  Therefore, he shouldn't have been playing and shouldn't have been able to receive any award.  The games he played and USC's national title have been vacated, so his award should be too.

Nay - Bush's indiscretions offered no on-field enhancements.  It wasn't steroids or motorized super-fast shoes only available to him.  He got some cool stuff before he should have.  So, while he shouldn't have done that, he earned the Heisman on the field.  So he should get to keep it.  Plus, if you start revoking Heismans, then we need to start investigating every winner to be fair.

Here's where I come down...The NCAA sucks.  Why now?  Why launch this investigation and impose these sanctions five years later?  Coincidentally, it's the year Bush helped win a Super Bowl for New Orleans. The NCAA is like a petulant child and over-bearing parent rolled into one.  Here's my textual impression of the NCAA...

As child: "Look at me.  Hey America, lookatmelookatmelookatme.  Stop looking at older brother (the NFL).  I need attention.  Waaaah."
As parent: "Yes.  You finally screwed up and I saw it.  But wait five years and then I'll give you my punishment.  Ha ha.  The day is mine.  I'm gonna punish you so hard...but not now.  I'll let it stew for five years."

When I was younger I read John Grisham a lot (I know, it's lame.  But it's part of my journey so leave me alone).  There was one book where the protagonist was wanted by some bad people and went off the grid.  Suddenly he turns up years later and gets killed, but you find out he exposed himself on purpose because he couldn't handle the stress of constantly being on the run and in hiding.  This is how it must have been for Bush all those years.  There's an evil organization after you and you never know if they're going to pounce at any moment.  There's no rhyme or reason to the way they work.  They're just a gang of jerks who want to torture you at every moment.  So screw you NCAA...and I didn't even get to the whole BCS system.  That's another post.

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