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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


There's a lot of stuff getting my goat right now, so my espn-thrashing is going to have to wait.  I also want to complain about the roughing the passer calls happening this year, but I have a sweet tasty NBA selection for you, inspired by Joe Reed asking my why Melo would leave Denver for the Nyets.  So here are some things on that.

Melo saw what happened with The 3 Who Shall Not Be Named (my name for the 3 in Miami instead of the other big 3 or the new big 3 or whatever espn is shilling (speaking of which, they're doing a week of training camp reports from Miami exclusively about the Heat...no training camp news from any other team.  Ridiculous)  (Which, btdubz, I'm not opposed to those three because they teamed up or because LBJ left Cleveland...he gave you seven good years Cleveland, get over it...my opposition is to the self-congratulatory nature of the whole thing.  They (especially LBJ and Bosh) act like they're the bee's knees when they haven't even played a real game together yet (of course it doesn't help when espn pimps them every chance they get/create)) Dang, I guess I need to have a separate post about this))), and he wanted to get in on the same action.  New York and New Jersey are clearly not going to afford him the same big name collection, but there are some possibilities...

New York (which doesn't look like it's going to happen now):  They got Stoudemire, who can be a fantastic player.  Tony Parker is in the last year of his contract and he might want to play in NY because it's close to his posh Manhattan home with his ladylove.  Add Melo and you have a pretty solid 3.  Parker did say he wants to stay in San Antonio, but who can trust anyone anymore.

New Jersey:  I don't know, actually.  I guess Melo wants to hang out with Prokhorov.  Maybe they can do some sweet jet ski tricks together.  Otherwise, they're probably going to deal Favors (and who knows if he'll be good anyway).  Is Melo going to dominate with Lopez and Harris?  Probably not.

It looks like the Nyets are in the front position for Melo and they just need to work some stuff out, but the only thing this shows is how bad Melo wants to get out of Denver.  And even though I'm a big Nuggets fan, I'm not going to hate on Melo for leaving (cough, cough, Cleveland...it didn't transfer well, but that was one of those masking what you're saying in a cough moves).  I appreciate his contribution over the years and now the Nuggets are going to be irrelevant for a long time.

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  1. Way to madly broaden the spectrum of our posts by doing something non-football!