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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Futbol Americano de Universidad

Sorry I done missed my picks for college football last week.  I had the ole' midterms all up on my patio trying to bum my last stick of butter.  But now I'm backer than you thought I could be.  I have 45 minutes until class, so I'm totally gonna face you with this insanity.   Since I missed a week, here's the deal again, these are the top five games you should be excited about with the spread and my picks.  And it's conference time.  Oh man, conference time is like going to work at Jump Street and it's Everybody Get To Jump All Day Instead Of Work Day.  So here's to more Trevor Specials on the angled tramps...

5.  Penn State v. Iowa (-7) - I have to admit that there's not much to this game other than the two ranked Big Ten teams angle.  Even then, I'm not really big on either of these teams.  PSU is never gonna be significant as long as old time JoPa is at the helm.  I'm not trying to force retirement or anything.  Just be accustomed to be average, PSU-fans.  Then there's Iowa.  They can't even keep the power going for a SportsNation remote.  Talk about relevant information.  Anyway, 7 is a large spread for two teams that seem to be fairly close, so take Penn State on points, Iowa to win

4.  Texas v. Oklahoma (-4) - Texas...what are you doing?  Just kidding.  UCLA is on the rise (along with the rest of the Pac-10), so with a new QB and stuff, don't be too hard on yourself.  You just have no shot at a national title.  Anyway, Oklahoma is also on a new QB, so it's battle-city.  It's a big rivalry game blah blah blah, Big 12, blah blah.  Who cares?  Not me.  Longhorns bounce back and win outright.

3.  Florida v. Alabama (-7) - It's a face-off that was the preliminary national championship last year.  This year, it's going to be the strength of Alabama vs. Urban Meyer's system.  Ingram's second game back could be a doozy as he tries to put himself in Heisman contention.  Maybe he should focus less on his game and more on his sweet under-the-table benefits.  Then he could at least enjoy his Heisman for five years.  Ultimately, I believe in strength over system.  Take Bama for win and points.

2.  Michigan St. v. Wisconsin (Pick) - Now is where it gets good.  Sure the previous three are important, but I don't really care.  But two ranked undefeated Big 10 teams near Minnesota and Indiana?  That's my jam.  Strawbdog jam.  I'm still looking forward to seeing how things pan out for both of these teams.  Clay is legit...perhaps he's too legit to quit.  Michigan St. may be the best team in the Mitt...especially if Shoelaces stays injured.  Sooo, I'll take Wisconsin.

1.  Stanford v. Oregon (-6) - Sweet boondoggle of justice, this is the game of the week by 40 miles...Canadian miles.  Cowherd has been beefing up Stanford all week because they're tough and apparently Oregon's finesse game can't handle toughness.  You're trying to tell me that Portland St. isn't tough?  Oh, I guess you're right.  But since we're a blog, I don't have to be professional and I can be a homer...a homer for a team of which I have never visited their state, let alone attended their school.  Go Ducks!  Take em.  I'll take em...not that I gamble.

I have a feeling my perfect record is going to come crashing down this week.  And in the future, I might not pick 5 games.  I'm about as interested in the first 3 I mentioned as much as snorkeling in a 5:2 mixture of poo and water.  Think about that for a minute.

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  1. I'll take...

    1. Iowa to win and cover.
    2. Oklahoma, but only by 1 or 3.
    3. Alabama to win and cover.
    4. Badgers
    5. Ducks to win and cover.