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Sunday, September 19, 2010

5 Things: Minnesota Vikings

This is a new feature I'm making up. It's called 5 Things because I'm going to talk about five things. Today's is about the Minnesota Vikings.

1. Brett's still got it.
What?! He threw three interceptions and had a fumble! Yeah, yeah, I know, but if you watched the game he also made some amazing throws and showed some good mobility. The first interception was only his fault if he hit Harvin too hard in the hands. He made a few bad decisions, there's no doubt, but if he has the time to throw it looks like he's still got it. I'm still not sure about his desire this year. The times in the game where he would have been fist-pumping last year he was golf clapping today.

2. The defense is a problem right now.
This one might seem crazy too since they only gave up 14 points this week and 13 last week. The thing is, this is supposed to be a dominant defense against the run, and they're not right now. Today they only gave up 14 because of a couple turnovers and some big plays off the edge. That's fine, but I just wonder why the secondary is bringing down the running backs so frequently. It's not like they've been bad, they just haven't been dominant. The biggest problem with this is with the offense sputtering minus Rice and Chester Taylor, they have to be dominant for this team to win.

3. Percy Harvin looks slow.
Maybe it was missing training camp with the migraines, but Percy Harvin looks like he's running through peanut butter. Last year he was electric almost every time he touched the ball. If it is an issue of fitness then he should improve with each week that passes. With Sydney Rice out Percy's going to have to step up in coming weeks for the Vikings to hang around and fight for a playoff spot.

4. They need to go after Vincent Jackson if they're serious about winning this year.
Brett Favre can't have Greg Lewis as a primary target if the Vikings want to be a serious football team. Percy Harvin isn't lighting it up like last year. Bernard Berrian is good for about two catches a game. And Sydney Rice isn't coming back until at least week 7, more likely later than that. The Vikings need a receiver and Vincent Jackson is the main one out there. If he goes to a team other than the Chargers he'll only miss four games, so two more.

5. They miss Chester Taylor.
What in the Hades were the Vikings thinking to let this guy go? Adrian Peterson looked great in the second half today, but Chester Taylor was always good for a first down, something the Vikings could use more of right now. They miss Taylor at least as much as they miss Sydney Rice.

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  1. As a Fantasy Football owner of Percy Harvin who is currently 0-2, I concur with the him needing to step it up. What a disappoinment so far!