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Monday, September 20, 2010


Hey Gang - Here's the recap from the weekend.  Not to brag, but I'm ridiculously good.  I CALLED THE MSU/ND GAME TO THE POINT! What?  Try to get that from a $9.99/month gambling service.  To the freaking point.  I called the exact point differential.  Beyond that, I was 5-0.  Okay, so Michigan almost got upset, but they still won, and I didn't call the spread that didn't exist.  So bam.  I'm so good.

On the other hand, Trevor did not pick against the spread, but to date (before MNF is over) he is 6 for 15, which is pitiful, but that's my fault.  I should have picked the opposite on every game so sportiversity could be 100%, which is the picking style of The Walking Dead podcast (which, btdubz, you should listen to whether you read the comic or not, because it is really fun to listen to and totally pumps you up for the show premiering Halloween night, which you should watch because it's going to be a fantastic mix of drama and horror), which is a great approach because how are you going to refute a 100% picks record?  So sorry Trevor & sorry readers.  I will be more on top of it next time, or maybe I won't, depending on my schedule.  I'm the college football guy...so don't expect pro picks.

So what's the take-away?  I was 5 and freaking 0.  You should listen to me.  You should always read this blog for your tips.  On top of that, I should gamble, which I don't do.  Maybe that would help me pay back the government for helping me go to DU.


  1. Not only did Ryan not pick the NFL games, he also tried to make me look worse than I was by stating I was 6 for 15 when in fact I was 7 for 15 and now 8 for 16. True 50% is not so hot, but it was the first week picking and it will improve. It's still better than "the Schwam" who gets paid millions to get 40% of his picks right.

  2. I did mention that MNF was in progress, but I guess I did get a little lazy with the count.