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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


After another glorious weekend of tasty football action, it's time to recap everything you ever want to know.

Here's why picking against the spread can be worse than your Grandpa's boxers...I got the winner right with Iowa, but the spread wrong.  Oh well.  In a fantastic turn of fortune, I went from 3-0 to 4-4 on the season.  At least Oregon won.  Trevor's 3-2 on the week, so good job.  Gooder than wooder.

Trevor went 10-4 on winners.  Pretty solid.  I went 10-4.  Even better.  I can't believe I did better than Trevor this week.  What?  We got the same record?  You aren't counting the handicap for Trevor's superior expertise on pro football compared to mine.  So I'm the winner.  (Pull my shirt over my head in the front and run around like crazy) GOOOOOOOLLLLLLL!!!!!!!

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  1. What the hades happened with the Fins?! They were owning the game, I watched Lie to Me and House and when I came back they were destroyed! Then I saw the highlights. That was a crappy game for them.

    I might incorporate the spread for NFL next week but I like picking them all. Good job to you on your first week picking those.